Hoppy Frog.


Once upon a time, a game called ‘Flappy Bird’ was made. It made huge waves on most mobile phones. Then it disappeared. Today, we have many ‘inspired’ games trying to take its place.

Enter ‘Hoppy Frog’. Yes, a frog that hops, hence the name. So, Hoppy frog is on the top ten list of free games on itunes. The icon is similar to Flappy Bird and had to be downloaded.

The game is another side scrolling tap and hop/fly kind of mechanic. You are a frog that needs to hop from cloud to cloud over a bed of water. Each cloud has a fly that you scoop up with your tongue, while trying to avoid snarly Sharks and electric eels out to get you. Sounds pretty simple right? A piece of cake. Wrong! The clouds don’t just sit there with an open invitation, they move, they sway, making it hard for you to gauge the length of the jump. Also, not all clouds are good, you have them naughty clouds – the grey ones that once you land on start to sink immediately. You have less than 3 seconds to make your next hop. Did I tell you that you also need to be weary of Sharks that are hungry and electric eels that are plain nasty? Well, there you go.

HF2So, while the game is openly inspired from Flappy Bird, there are elements added to this game that make it a good independent game. If you want a longer jump, you can tap in the air and a parachute opens up, allowing the frog to jump a longer distance. In Flappy Bird, your only enemy were the poles. Here you have the clouds, sharks and eels to worry about. Also, all the elements are introduced right at the beginning, making the game competitive.

Here is what is Yay! for me: HF3

  • The core game play. While there is nothing unique about it, the game play does offer entertainment and fun.
  • The complexity introduced with moving clouds.
  • No annoying push notifications.
  • The music. This one is interesting. When I first played the game, I quickly categorized the music as average and nothing to write home about. But as I played some more, I realized the music has a striking underlying rhythm to it that is quite catchy.

Here is what is Nay! for me:

  • The art work and design. I get that the game is trying to ride the Flappy Bird wave, but I would prefer a more polished design.
  • I’ve noticed multiple times, that even though the frog appears to land on the edge of the cloud it misses it and falls into the water. Yet, other times, the same landing is safe. Tad bit annoying when you’re trying to better your score.  HF4
  • Believe it or not, the name of game is a turn off for me. Hoppy Frog?
  • There seems to be a bug with it’s scoring system. I showed a high score of 28 once and few hours later, when I reached a score of 23, that was recored as my highest score.

HF5So, would I recommend the game? Yes, I totally would. The game is free play with no apparent IAP’s. Download it and enjoy it for as long as it sticks to you. It’s fun to kill a few spare minutes and does not leave you anxious in any way. If anything, the music can cheer you up.

The game is developed by ‘Turbo Chilli’, that was also responsible for games like Stickman BMX and Stickman Snowboarder, among a few others.


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